This incredibly common condition is not only unpleasant, but it can also be highly embarrassing. Nobody wants to be that person who leans into another person and witness in shock and dismay; they wilt away from you. While chewing gum and sucking on mints and lozenges can help mask the odor, to properly eliminate bad breath once and for all, you need to give our team here at David Crumpton, DDS a visit, so we can help you get rid of the offensive odor and restore your confidence once again by treating bad breath in Trophy Club, TX.

Causes and Treatments for Halitosis

Bad breath has several causes, but the number one reason most people struggle with it is due to poor oral hygiene. When brushing and flossing fall to the wayside, bacteria can form on your teeth and along your gum line. These bacteria give off sulfur compounds, which results in a rotten odor in your mouth. This can be highly embarrassing for many people who may not even be aware of their role in maintaining fresh breath.

Other causes of halitosis include smoking and using other tobacco products, dehydration, certain medications, trapped food between your teeth, a respiratory infection, or even other conditions like GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Fortunately, halitosis is usually easily treated, giving you a chance to be free from this condition and the associated embarrassment.

If you suspect that you may have bad breath, one quick and easy test is the “lick test.” When nobody is looking, discreetly lick the bottom of your wrist (or the back of a spoon if you’d prefer). Allow your saliva to dry down, then smell it. If your wrist smells bad, then there’s a very high likelihood that you have halitosis.

If you have bad breath, you can treat it at home by stopping smoking or using other tobacco products, making sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, and brush your tongue afterward. You may also modify your diet and avoid eating onions or garlic, which have similar sulfur compounds in them that can cause a gross odor in your mouth. If you suffer from dry mouth, take a hard look at how much water you drink daily and make sure you get at least 64 ounces (eight cups) every day. Chewing sugar-free gum can increase saliva flow and help you improve your dry mouth as well.

It’s easy to diagnose halitosis in our dental office. If we find that you have halitosis, we may recommend a comprehensive dental cleaning. If you have gum disease, we will address that and help treat any underlying infection that can be causing it. We may also advise changes to your diet, such as reducing your sugar consumption. Of course, regular dental appointments to help catch tooth decay and ensure your teeth are regularly cleaned can also benefit you.

If you’re struggling from bad breath, you do not need to feel shy about it any longer. The skilled and compassionate staff here at David Crumpton, DDS will help you quickly diagnose and treat this uncomfortable condition. Please give us a call today at 817-678-7395 to schedule an appointment with a comprehensive dental cleaning and start your journey to a clean and fresh mouth right away!

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