Just like your mental and physical health, your dental health is dependent on your lifestyle choices. Our lifestyles determine how our bodies respond to the environment and vice versa. Here are a few practices which, if incorporated into your routine, will help to completely alter your dental health.

A Diet Change Is KeyIn order to maintain your dental health, you should actively cut back on all kinds of junk and sugary foods. Sugary foods tend to create the acidity that a bacterium needs to seed and create an infection. Cutting back on sodas and all kinds of processed drinks will go a long way in preventing gum disease and other dental ailments. Fruits and vegetables are also ideal for the strengthening and mineralization of teeth. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium like milk are dental health magnets. The less the processed foods, the better for you!

Avoid CoffeeThe reason why coffee gets its own attention is because the majority of the teeth discoloration experienced in recent times is based on our high intake of coffee. Coffee raises the acidity levels in the oral cavity, allowing bacteria to grow and thrive. Just because it comes from plants, doesn’t always mean that it’s healthy for your teeth.

Avoid Alcohol and TobaccoAlcohol addiction goes hand in hand with poor dental hygiene. Alcohol also causes dehydration of the oral cavity, which is a good environment for the multiplication of bacteria.Tobacco in all its forms has been shown to create a micro-environment for the seeding of bacteria. Tobacco also causes leukoplakia and oral thrush. Tobacco has also been proven to contain nicotine, which is a carcinogen implication in various oral cancers and lung cancer.

Brush Your Teeth and Floss RegularlyBrushing your teeth regularly is less of a suggestion and more of a very good idea. The more you brush your teeth, the more likely you are to reduce the need for costly dental procedures. Bear in mind, brushing your teeth does not always fix every problem, so be sure to see our experienced dental professionals to make sure that you and your mouth are in the best condition possible.

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