The chipping and cracking of teeth are generally avoidable if you can stay away from these pretty common causes. Listed below are the most common causes of these dental cracks.

Common Causes of Tooth Cracks and BreaksNumber one on the list, is of course, playing sports without a mouthguard. It only stands to reason that your teeth are naturally at risk with any type of outgoing, exuberant exercise or sports play. If there are a bunch of people together, running around throwing a ball, there is risk of falling, tripping, or collisions… which leads to falls that chip and break off teeth – it’s inevitable. This could include anything such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer. Yes, even non-contact sports, have a surprising amount of contact. If it is labeled a sports game, you need to take some precautions to take care of your teeth in some manner.Number two on the list, is car accidents. These accidents most often cause irreparable damage to your teeth. In theory, the restraints that are in place within the vehicles are in place to protect your mouth and your face from damage should there be an accident, but we know that doesn’t always happen.Then there is the fear of a secondary airbag system causing even more oral damage should they be defective or designed poorly or just an old airbag system in place that doesn’t deploy properly.Number three and four on the list is chewing on nonfood items and using your teeth as tools, both of these items are big no-no’s and can do some serious damage to your teeth. Those nonfood objects are just no good and some of the items on the list you might think of as food, but they really aren’t. Such as ice and popcorn kernels, so, the word of the day on these is to just say no!Now, the other big no no, is that your teeth are not tools, for anything other than eating, that’s right, well, you can talk, and smile. Your teeth were not made to be a pair of scissors, knives, bottle openers, fingernail clippers and or vice grips. This type of behavior can also seriously injure your jaw as well. So, just be careful.If you think you have dental cracks or think it might be time for a checkup, give our office a call!

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